Tips to Keep Yourself Hair Free and Bikini Ready During the Hot Summer Months

Published: 19th August 2011
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You probably take yourself off to the hairdressers at regular intervals to cut and coif the hair on your head, but do you pay as much attention to the hair on the rest of your body? Is your body beach ready? Smooth, sleek and hair free in all the right places?

There are now many more options available for keeping your body smooth and hair free for the summer but what are most effective options?

This is the most common hair removal method. A quick five minutes in the shower and you have smooth legs at an economical price. Shaving may be the fastest and most inexpensive route to a hair free lifestyle, but it's short-lived. The initial results are excellent but they don't last.

Hair Removal Creams (Depilatories)
Depilatory creams dissolve the hair without effecting the root through use of chemical compounds. Unfortunately, they do not have a good reputation as they can irritate sensitive skin and are often accompanied by a rather unpleasant smell and mess factor. Having said all this, depilatory creams have come on in recent years and many of these issues have been resolved. They offer a rapid and effective solution at an affordable price. They are also incredibly easy to use. You will also end up hair less for longer than you would if you had shaved.

We can't lie, waxing can be painful. For every bad however, there is a good. With waxing you will stay hair-free for weeks and will never end up with the stubbly feeling you get after shaving. For the first few times, while the hair follicles are at their strongest, it is probably best to have it done at a salon. Once you have had a few waxes and the hair roots are weakened, there are now some very effective, easy-to-use wax at home kits available in most drugstores that will give you excellent results.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Reduction Systems
These systems are fairly new and make use of the same technology that the salons and clinics have been offering but at a fraction of the price. The technology "reduces" the hair regrowth as opposed to eliminating it so they do not give permanent results but they will stop the hair growing back for anything up to 6-8 weeks.
These systems work ideally on fair skin and dark hair where there is good contrast. Each system is different so be sure to choose the best for your skin and hair type.

If you are interested in finding out more about keeping hair free and smooth for the summer, check out Bikini Waxing HQ, a site dedicated to providing advice and information on home hair removal.

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